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7 Worst Mistakes People Make With Celiac Disease and Gluten ...

Posted by Rachel Jones on Apr 2, 2014 2:13:00 PM

There are a number of misconceptions that people commonly make when it comes to celiac disease and gluten. Although these misunderstandings are frequently made, they can be detrimental to the health of people who suffer from celiac disease.


 The Top 7 Worst Mistakes

  1. Confusing "wheat free" with "gluten free": Many people assume that simply because a product is deemed "wheat free", that it does not contain gluten. Therefore, they swap out things like white bread and various cereals for whole grain or rye varieties. Although this swap can lead to weight loss and better health in some people, it has nothing to do with gluten.
  2. Assuming that going "gluten free" will lead to weight loss. While the elimination of gluten containing foods can certainly lead to a substantial amount of weight loss, going "gluten free" will not always lead to weight loss, and in some cases can even result in weight gain. Cutting gluten rich foods from your diet often means cutting back on unhealthy carbs as well, and this is typically the reason for the weight loss that we commonly witness.
  3. Junking it; Gluten free style: There has been a lot of focus on gluten allergies and intolerance in the media, resulting in a number of new "gluten free" products becoming available at the local health food stores and even supermarkets. While the elimination of gluten containing junk foods is certainly a healthier choice, replacing these items with gluten free donuts is definitely not.
  4. Not taking the rest of your diet seriously: Simply removing gluten from your diet is not going to make you healthier or more fit unless you pay attention to other factors in your diet as well. Eating a balanced diet that is gluten free is of utmost importance to persons suffering from celiac disease.
  5. Not identifying hidden gluten: While most gluten is found in products that contain large amounts of wheat, this isn't always the case. Pay attention to salad dressings, seasonings, certain vitamins, and even some lip balms, as gluten is often lurking in the shadows.
  6. Not understanding gluten and its effects on someone with celiac disease: Gluten is a protein commonly found in a variety of products that causes damage to the intestines of someone with the disease.
  7. Not realizing the importance of remaining gluten free. Repeated exposure to more than 10mg of gluten can cause very serious, and sometimes permanent complications.

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