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Maintain Good Digestive Health During the Holidays

Posted by Rachel Jones on Dec 22, 2010 4:03:00 PM

At this time of year, it is common for many people to break all their dietary restrictions, and say to themselves, “I’ll just start fresh in the new year.” But, how can you maintain your digestive health through-out the holiday season?

The following are a few suggestions:

-          Don’t overdo it

  • A healthy digestive tract can tolerate richer foods, when eaten in moderation. So, know when enough is enough, and STOP before it becomes too much.
  • Avoid unnecessary stress- a busy, stressful schedule can cause flare ups of digestive diseases, such a Crohn’s and IBS. Minimize stress to the extent possible, and get enough rest.

-          Understand trigger foods

  • Some conditions are triggered or aggravated by certain foods. For instance, if one has GERD it is best to avoid or limit the intake of foods and beverages that contain alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, peppermint, spearmint, coffee, carbonation, and acidic fruits and vegetables. For Crohn’s and IBS, caffeine, alcohol, dairy products, acidic fruits and vegetables, spicy foods, and foods high in fiber can worsen symptoms.

-          Keep a good schedule of health maintenance &  medication

  • It can be a busy time, but neglecting one’s healthcare can be dangerous. Keep up with doctor’s visits and stay on a regular schedule of taking your medications.Document2

Heeding these suggestions and exercising soundness of mind can prevent much of the digestive discomfort and many of the difficulties that often accompany the holidays.

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