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The EsophyX TIF Procedure

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The EsophyX® TIF procedure enables the surgeon to simply and safely reconstruct the antireflux barrier and gastroesophageal flap valve, resulting in the effective elimination of GERD. The majority of patients have an excellent response and no longer require taking daily medicines.

No incisions are required and the procedure is performed through the mouth (transoral) under endoscopic visualization. Patients are able to return to normal activities within a few days following the procedure.

In early clinical studies, 85% of patients remained off daily PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) and 75% experienced a total elimination of heartburn at one year after the EsophyX TIF procedure.  In view of concerns of over the long-term effects of PPI therapy, the TIF procedure is a viable alternative to daily medical therapy.

In cases with a larger hiatal hernia, a laparoscopic repair of the hiatal hernia is necessary and can be combined with the TIF procedure.  In this case, the TIF would serve to provide the needed fundoplication that must be performed following the repair of a hiatal hernia so to enhance the antireflux valve at the endo of the esophagus.  The TIF is then an alternative to a standard laparoscopic fundplication.  The combination of the laparoscopic hernia repair and the EsophyX TIF procedure is referred to as a "hybrid" procedure.

Step 1: The specially designed EsophyX device enters the esophagus through the mouth and is positioned at the junction of the stomach and esophagus. EX step1
Step 2: Hiatal hernia is reduced. EX step2
Step 3: The EsophyX device pulls and fastens a tissue fold. EX step3
Step 4: Step 3 is repeated multiple times to reconstruct the antireflux barrier with a robust full-thickness valve that restores the competency of the gastroesophageal junction, resulting in the effective elimination of GERD. EX step4

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