Overweight? - What You Can Do

The reasons for being overweight or obese are multifactorial and may include genetics, environmental influences, behaviour (caloric intake and physical activity) and metabolism. 

  • Nutritional and Behavioural Therapy - Overweight and obesity often result from an energy imbalance which involves eating too many calories and not getting enough physical activity which requires a change to behaviour and nutrition.
  • Medical or Procedural therapy - if Gastric Bypass has failed you there is a safe and effective incisionless endoscopic suturing procedure that can fix this.

A comprehensive and integrated solution taking this all into account is the best approach.

How We Can Help You

We provide a comprehensive solution to weight management which includes counseling our patients on nutritional, behavioural and medical solutions as well as working together with the patient to determine what is best for you the individual.

  • Nutritional and Behavioral Therapy - We partner with NET Intake, a professional and advanced weight loss system -Nutritional Management of Weight
  • Medical or Procedural Therapy - Have you undergone gastric bypass surgery but did not lose significant weight or have regained weight? We provide a procedure to fix this called Endoscopic Suturing -Obesity, Weight Loss & Weight Loss Procedures


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